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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soul Collage

Made a Soul Collage some time ago; placed it on my office wall to reflect - included words and pictures.

Reminds me of Gratitude - one day, moment, step at a time! 

Wise old tortise; a brilliant colored, flittering hummingbird; beach scenes; calm waters; a wolf; horse; cats; dogs; clouds; eagle; an innocent child; a penquin family; a fox; wind-swept desert sand; tropical flowers; a contented, peaceful woman; a couple; an elegant woman; Albert Einstein;  gorgeous sunsets; a cuppa!


Inner Reflections
Feel hopeful
Imagine the Difference
Nourish Your Life
I am
Body Mind Heart Soul
Joyful Living

"God is the Master Painter.  His infinite beauty is suggested in the beauty of the flower." -Paramahansa Yogananda



...Reflecting thoughts today

Wisdom; grace, knowledge, discretion, and laughter from deep within the soul.
Grateful for gifts of friendship - mutual, uplifting, edifying, not needy or one-sided.

Remember "I will not flip!"
Sometimes it is what it is!
Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. 
Sometimes if there are things that can't be changed, I can learn to manage it.  So true in life!

Lighten up; view life from different perspectives
Empathy; Listen; Help me understand.

Walking the sacred journey of life; caring; lifting up; wondering; respecting; listening...the journey continues.

My husband's sister has end stage pancreatic cancer and her dear beloved husband died six months ago of cancer.  Walking the sacred journey with my dear sister-in-love!

Today I was able to share with someone about writing down your prayers/thoughts - don't worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation - just go with the flow.  It can be very cathartic.  God understands our hearts and spirits when we don't know how to articulate our thoughts and feelings into words.  Let go...let it be...relax, release, receive!  And remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

Cherish your loved ones - let them know that you love them; express your affection - don't let it be too late...listen.

Recognizing that the blog is available to write prn (as needed).

Until next time...the journey continues!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tapestry of Life

A dear friend and colleague Janet suggested that I create a blog to share a journey - the evolving tapestry of life.  Over time my journey has been woven with light and dark threads of joy and sorrow mixed with laughter from deep within the soul.  My personal and professional experiences have helped me to see life through new lenses.  As I shared my thoughts with Janet about someday writing a book, she encouraged me to start out by blogging.  It is my hope that these words are a blessing to those who venture forth to read them.

I'm grateful to share a few pearls along the way - Grace one Day/Moment/Step at a time.  Perhaps there are others out there who are experiencing or have experienced a life changing event; an emotional tsunami, or an emotional rollercoaster.  As a professional medical social worker, I work with the full cycle of life.  In my personal and professional life I have walked the sacred journey of helping loved ones at the end of life.  I have also experienced a plethora of emotions, and have helped others to sift and sort through the maze of uncertainty.  I have come to appreciate that grieving hearts can take a path of their size doesn't fit all.

This is my first attempt at blogging; it is my desire to share some of the stories that have helped to bring a sense of healing and peace in the midst of the storms of life. I have been profoundly touched by the courage, inspiration, strength, and tenacity of those that have crossed my path - personally and professionally.